Work O.289

Description: Infante Sagres Clinic
Activities: Consulting
Place: Urbanização Infante Sagres - Lisboa
Duration: Begun in September of 2010. Concluded in November of 2011.
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Work O.271

Description: Construction of Dental Clinic Carvalhos
Activities: Inspection
Place: Rua Gonçalves de Castro, 118/124
Duration: Begun in June of 2010. Concluded on the 26th of August of 2011
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Work O.269

Description: Licencing and remodelling of Dental Clinic Jorge Lopes
Activities: Licencing, management, coordination, inspection and project
Place: Rua Damião de Góis, 116 - Porto
Duration: Begun in June of 2010. Concluded in April of 2011, with functioning licence nº 498/2011
Functioning Licence
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Work O.174

Description: Construction of the Institute of Diagnosis and Treatment of the North – Instituto CUF
Activities: Inspection
Place: Lugar das Sete Bicas (next to the road: Circunvalação) Matosinhos
Area: Basement 12,289 m²; floors from quota 0 - 9,722 m²
Structure phase: Begun in December of 2004. Concluded in February of 2006.
Finishing phase Begun in March of 2006.
Inaugurated by the Republic President on the 22nd of February of 2008.

Functional distribution:
Floor -4, -3, -2 – Parking area (228 places) and technician area (AVAC, reservoirs, elevators’ well, etc.);
Floor -1 – Building access places, access and circulation of ambulances and maintenance services, Nuclear Medicine, Radiotherapy and areas of connection with the Cyclotron building (a production unit that contains a particle accelerator, which are used to bomb steady elements to produce radioactive nuclei. These radioactive nuclei are used as plotting in medicine);
Floor nº 0 – Rehabilitation (physiotherapy), Clinical Analyses laboratory, Dressings room and cafeteria;
Floor nº 1 – Image Diagnosis;
Floor nº 2 – External Consultations (Odontology, Stomatology, cardiovascular system, Dermatology, Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery) and a Laboratory for Clinical Analyses;
Floor nº 3 – Surgical Block, Ophthalmology and Haemodialysis;
Retreating Floor – Surgical Block (equipments and nets), Administration & services and Refectory.
Technician Floor – Equipment.
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Work O.146

Description: Construction of dental clinic
Activities: Management, coordination and inspection
Place: Rua do Teatro, 61 - Porto
Area: 324 m2
Duration: Begun in February of 2003. Concluded in September of 2004
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Work O.120

Description: Construction of medical clinic and parking area
Activities: Management, coordination and project
Place: Av. da Boavista nº 4039 e 4049, Porto
Duration: Begun in December of 2001. Concluded in September 2005.
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